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Various items created by Pam Talbott, a Monacan bead worker who later served as the tribe's Assistant Chief.

In this photograph, taken in 2006, Monacan Pam Talbott shows various beaded items she made using commercially produced beads, which are appliqued onto various stabilizing surfaces.

Deborah Moore, a Pamunkey woman known for her traditional dance style, shows a photograph of herself wearing a buckskin dance outfit and carrying an eagle feather fan.

This photograph shows a woman's leather dance dress, made with three deer hides, fringed with beads. It was made by George Whitewolf, a renowned Monacan leather craftsman.

This photograph shows a bone necklace, Northern Plains style, and a beaded, fringed bag of deer hide and wolf hide, made by George Whitewolf. A renowned Monacan leather craftsman, George made and sold clothing and beadwork.

George Whitewolf, a Monacan leather craftsman, displays a shirt he made from white buckskin and the hide of a white wolf.


George Whitewolf, a Monacan leather craftsman, demonstrates his technique in 2006.

Bertie Branham, a Monacan basket maker, holds her granddaughter during a Monacan tribal event at which a bridge in Lynchburg was named for the tribe and dedicated.

Deborah Moore, Pamunkey traditional women's dancer, in regalia. Here she performs with Red Crooked Sky, a professional dance troupe.


Deborah Moore is well known as a Virginia Indian dancer. She typically dances women's traditional style and is often asked to serve as Head Lady Dancer at Virginia Indian powwows.