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Bertie Branham, a Monacan basket maker, holds her granddaughter during a Monacan tribal event at which a bridge in Lynchburg was named for the tribe and dedicated.

Deborah Moore, Pamunkey traditional women's dancer, in regalia. Here she performs with Red Crooked Sky, a professional dance troupe.


Deborah Moore is well known as a Virginia Indian dancer. She typically dances women's traditional style and is often asked to serve as Head Lady Dancer at Virginia Indian powwows.


Virginia Indians dance at the Virginia Indian Heritage Day at Jamestown Settlement, Williamsburg. Pictured from left: (?), Glenn Cannaday, Wayne Adkins, Jerry Fortune, Jacob Fortune-Deuber, Faye Fortune.

Virginia Indians perform a traditional Welcome Dance for Queen Elizabeth II of England at her visit to the State Capitol in Richmond, 2007.

Mary Belvin Wade (Monacan) president of the Virginia Indian Tribal Alliance for Life, with Powhatan Red Cloud-Owen (Chickahominy) at a Chickahominy tribal event. Wade died in 2003.

Virginia Indians perform a Canoe Dance at the "Big Day Out" event in Kent County, England, June 2006. From left: Jessica Canaday, Keith Smith, Barbara Williams, Glenn Cannaday, Faye Fortune, Adam (?), Judy Fortune, Jerry Fortune.

This map depicts the three language groups, or cultural configurations, living in present-day Virginia when the English colonists arrived in 1607.

This photo is part of the display on view at the historic site of Fort Christanna in Brunswick County. It shows a drawing of the fort and an image of it, as well as a written description.

This map depicts lands claimed by the Cherokee nation prior to its land cessions to English colonial authorities. The lands in Virginia were ceded in 1763.