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1896, 04-19 Richmond Times.jpg
In a newspaper article headlined "Amherst County Indians" and published in the Richmond Times on April 19, 1896, Edgar Whitehead describes the history of Virginia Indians in Amherst County.

In a letter to the Lynchburg Newsthe Reverend Josiah R. Ellis gives an account of the origin of the Indians in Amherst County. The letter was published in The Southwestern Episcopalian on December 5, 1922.

Chief Bryant.jpg
Chief Sharon Bryant of the Monacan Indian Nation is shown in this photograph by Bill Johns taken on May 21, 2006, at the annual Monacan powwow in Elon.

Cigar store figurine.jpg
This carved and painted cigar store figure, made around 1870, represents a man in supposed Indian dress. Unlike most cigar store figures of the period, this one depicts a Virginia Indian of the 1600s, wearing a crown of tobacco leaves and a "kilt"…

Karen Kupperman (professor of history at New York University) Randy Shifflett (history professor at Virginia Tech) and Jim Whittenburg (history professor at the College of William and Mary) discuss interpreters like Henry Spelman, an Englishman who,…

In a segment from the radio program With Good Reason, host Sarah McConnell reports on the damaging effects of the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, a state law that stripped Virginia Indians of their legal identity. Dr. Helen Rountree, professor…

In this report by Martha Woodroof, Monacan chief Kenneth Branham and assistant chief George Whitewolf, who died in 2010, along with Quinten Talbott, a youth dancer, talk about Monacan history and culture. This is one of five separate features,…

In this report by Jesse Dukes, Rappahannock chief Ann Richardson and assistant chief Mark Fortune discuss native drum and dance traditions. This is one of five separate features, producedby theVirginia Foundation for the Humanities,that aired in May…

Group of Eight in Dance Costume 1899.jpg
Five Pamunkey men and two children in traditional dance costumes, along with a man in a suit, pose for a portrait by the photographer De Lancey W. Gill on the Pamunkey Indian Reservation in King William County on October 23, 1899. Gill…

Karenne Wood, director of theVirginia Indian Programat theVirginia Foundation for the Humanities, interviews Powhatan Red Cloud-Owen while the two are driving.
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