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Portrait of Father and Mother of John and Theophilus Dennis.jpg
The unidentified father and mother of the Pamunkey men John and Theophilus Dennis sit for portraits by an unidentified photographer in 1899.

Four Men in Sailboat 1900.jpg
Four men in a sailboat pose for the photographer James Mooney, likely on the Pamunkey Indian Reservation in King William County, sometime in 1900. Mooney (1861–1921) was an Indiana native who worked for the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of…

Rescue Reenactment.jpg
The Virginia Indian Pocahontas pleads for the life of Jamestown colonist John Smith in this reenactment of the legendary 1607 event. Three hundred years after the dramatic rescue, members of the Pamunkey Indian tribe recreated this scene at the…

This silver medal is inscribed on the obverse "The King of" and on the reverse "Machotick," with both sides engraved with flowers and cornucopias. It is pierced so as to be hung on a chain and worn around the neck. Scholars assume that the medal was…

Karenne Wood, director of theVirginia Indian Programat theVirginia Foundation for the Humanities, interviews Mildred Moore, a member of the Pamunkey Tribe, at her home on the Pamunkey Reservation in King William County.

Powhatan Map.jpg
A modern map shows the locations of various Indian groups in Tidewater Virginia that in 1607 constituted the Powhatan paramount chiefdom. By 1607, Powhatan had expanded his domain, through a combination of force and diplomacy, to between twenty-eight…

Pamunkey - Page 4.jpg
Nanny and Paul Miles pose for a photograph taken by Samuel Miles sometime in the 1930s. Paul Miles was chief of the Pamunkey Indians from 1933 to 1937. The photograph was originally published inThe Virginia Indian Heritage Trail(2007), produced by…


Pamunkey - Page 40.jpg
This terra-cotta plate is the work of Kevin Brown (Pamunkey), this blackware vase the work of Joyce "Pale Moon" Krigsvold (Pamunkey), and this terra-cotta bowl the work of Mary A. Bradby (Pamunkey). The photograph was originally published inThe…

A pottery exhibit at the Pamunkey Indian Museum in King William County features pottery dating from the 1930s through the 1970s, illustrating modern and traditional ceramic technologies.

Members of the Chickahominy, Pamunkey, and Mattaponi tribes pose for an unknown photographer at an intertribal powwow at the Chickahominy reservation in New Kent County late in the 1920s. Among those present are Jane Miles and Reverend L. H.…
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