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Five-year-old Rappahannock tribal member Tashina Ware,wearing a deerskin outfit and moccasins,climbs the stairs of the State Capitol's south portico in order to watch Monacan tribal members perform a ceremonial dance. The Monacan Indian Nation was…

Ronnie Branham, a future chief of the Monacan Indian Nation, poses with a guitar for an unknown photographer sometime in the 1960s. Branham died in 2012.

A husband and wife, relatives of the Monacan Chief Sharon Bryant and identified only as "Uncle Mac" and "Aunt Annie," pose for an unknown photographer in July 1970.

Matthew Johns and Warren Johns pose for an unknown photographer outside of Saint Paul's Church in the Monacan Indian tribal area in Amherst County sometime in the 1960s.

Monacan Indian tribal member George Branham poses in military uniform for a portrait sometime in the 1940s.

A woman identified only as Deaconess Booth poses for an unknown photographerat Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in the Monacan tribal area in Amherst County.

Harry Branham, grandfather of Monacan chief Sharon Bryant, poses for an unknown photographer sometime in the 1920s or 1930s. Harry Branham was born in 1903.

The Doctrine of Discovery.mp3
When the British planted a cross and their flag on territory previously unclaimed by European nations, they were, Chief Justice John Marshall would later say, exercising a right of discovery that extended back to the fifteenth century colonization by…

Native Views of Pocahontas.mp3
In this excerpt from "Jamestown: What Pocahontas Saw," an episode of the radio program With Good Reason, Keith Smith, a Nansemond Indian, and Sue Elliott, a Monacan Indian, discuss native views of Jamestown andPocahontas. The program first aired…

Monacan Indians socialize at Saint Paul's Mission near Bear Mountain in Amherst County in this photograph taken by the Episcopal minister John Haraughty sometime in the 1950s or 1960s. The log cabin, serving as a church, had existed on the Bear…
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