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Wayne Adkins, dance.jpg
Virginia Indians dance at the Virginia Indian Heritage Day at Jamestown Settlement, Williamsburg. Pictured from left: (?), Glenn Cannaday, Wayne Adkins, Jerry Fortune, Jacob Fortune-Deuber, Faye Fortune.

VA Indian Dance, State Capitol.jpg
Virginia Indians perform a traditional Welcome Dance for Queen Elizabeth II of England at her visit to the State Capitol in Richmond, 2007.

Canoe dance.jpg
Virginia Indians perform a Canoe Dance at the "Big Day Out" event in Kent County, England, June 2006. From left: Jessica Canaday, Keith Smith, Barbara Williams, Glenn Cannaday, Faye Fortune, Adam (?), Judy Fortune, Jerry Fortune.

Chief Running Deer, of the Rappahannock Indians, prepares to throw a stone-pointed spear at a fish in the James River at the Jamestown Festival Park. At the time Chiles T. Larson took this undated photograph, Running Deer served as a historical…

The Rappahannock man Robert Clarke addresses visitors at a Nanticoke Thanksgiving ceremony in a clearing in the woods in Riverdale, Delaware, 1927. He wears beaded or embroidered pants and a fringed shirt, feather headdress, and necklaces. The…

Drummers and possibly singers in dance attire pose at a Nanticoke powwow and Thanksgiving dance in Riverdale, Delaware, in 1927, with audience in clothing of the period looking on. Rappahannock Indians from Virginia are believed to have been visiting…

Susie P. Nelson, wife of Rappahannock chief Otho S. Nelson, wears a finged cloth dress, beaded necklace, and feather and beaded headband in this outdoor portrait taken at a Nanticoke powwow in Delaware in 1927. The photographer Frederick "Fred"…

Rappahannock chief George L. Nelson, wearing an elaborately beaded or embroidered fringed cloth jacket and an upright feather headdress, stands in front of a wooden clapboard house. The photograph may have been taken during a Nanticoke powwow in…

Two women and two men, wearing traditional clothing, including feather headdresses, necklaces, and fringed clothing, sit on a sandy bank in front of trees and wooden houses. The Rappahannock chief James Johnson is at center, visiting a Nanticoke…

Councilor Robert H. Clarke (Rappahannock), Dorelix Amaf (Nanticoke), and Councilor James Johnson (Rappahannock), wearing feather headdresses, fringed hide shirts, and trade blankets,pose on a wooden plank walkway. The Rappahannocks likely were…
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