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VA Indian Dance, State Capitol.jpg
Virginia Indians perform a traditional Welcome Dance for Queen Elizabeth II of England at her visit to the State Capitol in Richmond, 2007.

Upper Mattponi School.jpg
Students and a teacher pose for an unknown photographer outside Sharon School, built for the Upper Mattaponi in 1919 and then rebuilt in 1952.

A Conversation with Two Chiefs.mp3
In this excerpt from the radio programWith Good Reason, Chiefs Stephen Adkins (Chickahominy) and Kenneth Adams (Upper Mattaponi) discuss historical and present-day issues facing Virginia’s Indians. The program first aired during the week of…

Powhatan Map.jpg
A modern map shows the locations of various Indian groups in Tidewater Virginia that in 1607 constituted the Powhatan paramount chiefdom. By 1607, Powhatan had expanded his domain, through a combination of force and diplomacy, to between twenty-eight…

Upper Mattaponi - Page 44.jpg
This classic-style bowl and spoon are the work of Elizabeth "Blue Water" Adams (Upper Mattaponi). The photograph was originally published inThe Virginia Indian Heritage Trail(2007), produced by theVirginia Indian Programof the Virginia Foundation…
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