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Indian mothers carry their children on their backs in this colored engraving by Theodor de Bry that was based on a watercolor painting by John White. Adding considerable detail to White's eyewitness sketch, de Bry shows village life as it was lived…

An unidentified Nansemond family poses for an unknown photographer near Portsmouth or Virginia Beach sometime around 1900.

Indian men and women, dressed and undressed, participate in a fire ceremony in this watercolorbyJohn White, the English artist who in 1585 accompanied a failed colonizing expedition toRoanoke Islandin present-day North Carolina.Five people in the…

Chickahominy, Pamunkey, and Mattaponi Indian children play together at an intertribal powwow in an unknown location sometime late in the 1920s. The photographer is unknown. From left to right are Eldridge Adkins, Opechancanough Adkins, Savannah…

Chickahominy Indians Tazewell (Taze) Adkins and Florine Adkins pose with their children, Hubert and Stella, for an unknown photographer sometime late in the 1940s in Charles City County.

Indian Settlement Home.jpg
A log cabin stands at the Monacan Indian settlement at Falling Rock, near Bear Mountain in Amherst County in 1914. The photographer,Jackson Davis(1882–1947), was a Cumberland County native who took this photograph as part of a series…

The Bradby, Stewart, and Almond families, all members of the Chickahominy tribe, pose for the photographer James Mooney in an unknown location sometime around 1900. Mooney (1861–1921) was an Indiana native who worked for the Smithsonian…

A father and his three children pose for photographer William Bradshaw at the Chickahominy Reservation in Charles City County in 1969.

Members of the Chickahominy Indian tribe pose for an unknown photographer at an intertribal powwow at an unknown location sometime early in the 1920s. Among those photographed are Mary Holmes (first from left), Curtis J. Wynn (third from left), and…

The Dennis family, all members of the Pamunkey tribe, poses under a tree at a place called the Old Spring for an unknown photographer sometime late in the nineteenth century. From left to right are Thomas Dennis, Keiziah Dennis (1833–1917),…
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