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A Virginia Indian in a headdress holds a bow in one hand and tobacco leaves in the other in this woodblock image used by an English company to label its "Best Virginia" tobacco product. Tobacco was the major cash crop for the English colonists in…

1908-08-25 1.jpg
In a newspaper article headlined "Heart-to-Health Talk with Virginia Red Men" and published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on August 25, 1908, the writer describes new phonographic technology and how it was used to reproduce, for Indians living in…

1921-The Southwestern Episcopalian 1.jpg
In an article headlined "Bear Mountain or Indian Mission" and published in the Southwestern Episcopalian in 1921, Martin J. Bram describes his experience of the abbreviated conversational style of Indians in Amherst County and judges it a symptom of…

In an article published in the New Era Progress on October 22, 1908, the Reverend Arthur P. Gray Jr. writes of his missionary work among the Indians of Amherst County.
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