Chickahominy Indians Paying Tribute to the Governor of Virginia.

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Chickahominy Indians Paying Tribute to the Governor of Virginia.


Chickahominy Indians
Virginia Indians


Chickahominy tribal members visit the Executive Mansion in Richmond on December 10, 1919, to present Governor Westmoreland Davis with game. The annual tribute honored the terms of the treaty ending the Third Anglo-Powhatan War (1644–1646). In exchange for loyalty to the Crown, the Chickahominies received military protection from the English. The annual ceremony continues to be observed by the Pamunkey and Mattaponi tribes but not the Chickahominy.

From left to right stand Mr. Throckmorton (brother of Reverend P. E. Throckmorton), H. A. Adkins, Chief O. W. Adkins, C. Mulford Crutchfield, First Lady Marguerite Inman Davis, Miss Hunter (standing behind Mrs. Davis), E. Victor Williams, Reverend P. E. Throckmorton, and three Chickahominy men: Tazewell Adkins, Elias N. Adkins, and Harvey N. Adkins.

The photographer, James Mooney (1861–1921), was an Indiana native who worked for the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of American Ethnology compiling information about American Indian tribes.


James Mooney


National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution


December 10, 1919


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central Virginia
twentieth century

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James Mooney, “Chickahominy Indians Paying Tribute to the Governor of Virginia.,” Virginia Indian Archive, accessed March 20, 2023,

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